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From our early days as an interior specialist, Build Corp Interiors now takes a holistic approach to the transformation of its clients properties. This means we can assist our clients before construction begins and long after the job is completed.
Live Environments
We understand the importance of business opportunity in our sectors. We have demonstrable experience delivering successful projects in live environments with minimal planned and zero unplanned disruption to business operations. Through the implementation of strict planning, consistent communication, noise and dust constraints, after hours works and secure hoardings. Build Corp Interiors can program a refurbishment project to fit around operations, allowing our clients to continue their business without disruption.
Cost - Effective Solutions
Build Corp Interiors offers a cost effective and market competitive service by utilizing our extensive supply chain and passing on the benefit of our procurement influence. Our projects are delivered to the retired quality first time and there are no costly overruns.
A Partnering Approach
Our customers define what transforming property means to them. And then we use our considerable expertise to make it happen. We become a partner, not just a provider. We get to know our clients, and then we apply our knowledge and expertise. The results are always truly unique.
Certainty Of Delivery
We have a proven track record in delivering projects on time, on budget, and with nil harm. We also ensure the journey is a pleasant one for all stakeholders. The service you receive from us is based on quality-assured processes and is delivered by motivated and talented project teams to ensure a high quality delivery. Our client-orientated project team create value and deliver projects that meet and in some cases exceed client expectations. We understand the importance of listening to clients and the need for cost consciousness, innovation, and the challenges associated with delivering projects on time with zero defects. Build Corp Interiors helps you to identify and manage costs, giving you clear idea right from the start about the value engineering possibilities for your project. We also identify any risks - whether they are physical, financial, legal or environmental - to make sure your project stays on track and everyone involved in the project stays safe.
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